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Government – Software Updates Available

N3rd Studios Blog - Government Software Updates Available

Newborn babies of today are exploring technology like no baby before. Parents and guardians are offering their smart phones and tablet devices eitherto educate and entertain or to quell a mini uprising. No one likes a crying baby, YouTube it is.


Guess who the Taskhub gang bumped into at the Wayra London start up accelerator?

N3rd Studios Blog - Taskhub at Wyra London Rahul, Aurorre and Nic, the minds behind Taskhub and N3RD delivered a presentation to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson from their workspace at the Wayra incubator last week where they are being mentored.  

Definition of a N3RD

N3rd Studios Blog - Definition of a nerd

We were recently forwarded the Urban Dictionary's definition of a N3RD, which you can findĀ here

1) Someone who was compiled, not born. 2) Someone who cannot differentiate between real life and IRC. 3) Someone who would rather marry a computer.


"Nerd" without the e, replaced by the superior letternumber 3. They are extreme nerds who are very unpopular but their IQ is a lot higher than everyone around them. They are pushed around but they will some day become rulers of the world and all will suffer under their cruel wrath. Jock 1: "Look at that nerd" Jock 2: "We should go kick him" Jock 3: "That's no nerd! that's a n3rd!" Jock 1: "Who cares? let's go kick him" Jock 2 & 3: "Alright"


The way Internet Junkies refer to themselves and others by "LoL, BrB AfK Gotta OwnZorS d jon PS u za n3rd"


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